The crisp fall air

You got to love that nice crisp air. We love getting out and working in the yard and not sweating off 20 pounds. The best is sitting by an outdoor fire in the early evening. We worked on our fire pit area and after pushing dirt, lifting large rocks and cutting down 6 trees the area looks nice. As we start getting this wild place tamed it starts feeling more and more like home. It was just a house before, now we’re putting out stamp on it.

 Whats wrong with this picture ? Can you see it?

I’ll give you the answer tommorrow

   Justins walking trail is a nice little walk, even with the scary bridge they installed. It takes you around the outskirts of the property and along some pretty deep ravines. This time of year its a nicer walk, theres no spider webs slapping you in the face. The dogs run ahead to clear the trail of any dangerous wild beasts. I get a kick out of the way they hunt. They call out to each other when they get anything cornered, it’s a special sounding bark, they even have me trained to run over to look. The largest kill so far has been a rat. It never stood a chance, they hunted it right into it’s den,they were so proud of themselves. Our land also has hundreds of bunnies, in the morning, I let the dogs out and theres always something out there to run after. Eventually bunny will be on the menu for those two.



1 Comment

  1. mom/joan reid said,

    October 29, 2006 at 10:20 pm

    Well, there could be a big boom to provide excitment, or bodily harm. Or could it be just the way the fire was lit, quick but not in sink with the ambiance of your great fire pit. Gee the trails look very enticing. Love Mom

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