R.I.P. Molly


Well another animal bites the dust. We’ve had a death on the farm, of course this isn’t the first but as with the other it wasn’t our own animal. We seem to keep killing our neighbors pets. I think were cursed. You remember at the lake house Spot our Bull Mastiff attacked and almost killed the neighbors Westie twice. We moved out here in the middle of nowhere so that we wouldn’t bother anyone and here we are 1 neighbor and we keep having to say were sorry. It seems ironic to me that we love animals but we keep having them die around us. Ok so I guess you want to know the story. We have really great neighbors, real southern farmers with tractors, guns and a thick southern drawl. They seem to like us, I think. They used to have this really beautiful rooster that would call out in the mornings and evenings. I loved hearing that thing. The rooster met an untimely death at the hands or should I say mouth of Dufus. The stray dog that adopted our front porch. It was a long walk with Erin to the neighbors door with the half dead rooster in a plastic storage bin. We really felt bad but an accident is an accident. She said it was ok and that Ronnie her fiancée would shoot it when he got home to put it out of its misery. That didn’t go over well with Erin but that’s farm life. A few weeks later I hear Bruce yelling at Dufus and I look up to see Bruce running across the field, Dufus running with a big chicken in his mouth and the neighbor running after them both with a rifle in his hand. It was the funniest sight a true classic Reid moment. They managed to get the dog to drop the chicken then they chased the chicken all over the woods. No harm came to that chicken but in my mind Dufus had to go; I knew a chicken killer is hard to break and well we want our neighbors to like us cause we don’t own a gun. We figured all was well now with Dufus gone but nooooooo these poor neighbors must have other pets we can kill. Well sure enough today Bruce managed to run over and kill their dog. How he managed that was easy. It had a death wish because it ran along side the truck then just darted across, Bruce didn’t just hit it- he ran over it. So back to the neighbors door to explain what happened. It seems like we only knock on her door for bad stuff. Poor woman, so again there was talk of shooting it to end the suffering and of course as luck would have it Erin was in the truck when it happened. Bruce didn’t know where he was supposed to shoot it, guess he wasn’t paying attention during the Old Yeller movie. In the end it died before it needed shooting and our neighbor hurried to bury it so that poor Ronnie wouldn’t be so sad.

Lessons learned….. Drive slow when animals are running along side of your car.

Don’t kill your neighbors pets, its not nice.

Learn proper gun technique for putting animals out of misery.

Oh! and buy an I’m sorry gift for such events.

We figure a nice fruit tree in the dogs memory might smooth things over. I’m leaving that to Bruce, I had my I’m sorry moment with the rooster. I told Bruce to try and stay away from their donkey because it’s the only thing they have left.

Possible Bruce nick names:

Slayer of Richburg

The grim Reaper of Martin Graves Road

Simply “Killer”



  1. Lisa said,

    October 10, 2006 at 8:53 pm

    WOW!! Country living. Thats quite a story, something you might see in a movie. I hope everything else is going well. So where did Dufus go? Did ya drop him off in the country? I’ll have to watch more of your movie to find out.

    Good Luck

  2. Quinn Reid said,

    October 11, 2006 at 4:48 am

    I’d vote for the slayer of Richburg.

    i like the word butcher better, but i dont’ think i’ve seen Bruce with any kind of butchering objects

  3. mom/joan reid said,

    October 11, 2006 at 10:22 am

    Well we have had our morning laugh, Thanks. Life on the farm is not dull, especially down South and with the Reids as neighbors. Watch your flying machines, they might accidentally crash into the neighbors house. Just joking, I think !!!… We have carted away at least 40 chipmunks this summer, they all started a new colony at the power companies abandoned acreage. They are probably digging in near by homes by now. Would you like us to send you some?
    Condo is a word coming up in our conversations these days. Chuck just can’t do the things he used to do outside and now I have a hand that is disagreeing with manual labor. We will look around and probably decided to stay put if we can find help with the yard. So far no one has given us a bid of any kind, they just look in wonder at our wonderful “canopy” in awe. I am thinking of having a family fun work day with a farm style dinner as a reward. Haven’t broached the subject yet to those two lucky families that live near by. Well take care and be kind to the animals. Love MOM

  4. Pattie said,

    October 14, 2006 at 12:46 am

    I can’t believe you ran over the neighbors dog. They must hate you. Stupid dog. Kinda like those squirrels that wait on the side of the road and then run across just as you’re passing them. Stupid squirrels. Good luck with finding the right “I’m Sorry” gift. Maybe you could get them a puppy from the pound.

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