Working hard and all the dangers

       We’ve been putting alot of work in on our land. The place is getting some new grass, 3 acres worth, maybe more if we can hurry. There’s alot involved in seeding this place. First off it’s that lovely hard Carolina red clay. We had to first pull an aerator with the tractor at 1 mile an hour, then we had to push a seed spreader, cause we don’t have a fancy pull behind type. It’s taken us all weekend but we got it done, along with clearing some 15 trees and burning them. All this tractor use got me looking at it closer. I noticed the DANGER signs all over it for the first time. Granted I knew there were some, but I never really noticed the creative ways you can kill yourself. They went thru alot of trouble to let me know all the dumb things I’m sure others have done. I counted 13 dangerous possibilities hmmmm 13 isn’t that a lucky number? So that you all may learn the ways in which we can kill ourselves, I’ve photographed them. So far we’ve been careful, we know this orange dragon can bite we respect it and in turn its been very helpful.





 my personal favorite


1 Comment

  1. Quinn Reid said,

    October 11, 2006 at 4:43 am

    Have you seen the chainsaw, don’t stop chain with hands or genitals ?

    or how about the laser pointer, Not to be used by children under 45

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