Ahhh……. Fall


We’re still waiting for fall as you can see by my pictures. It’s still summer here. The temps are nicer but the trees still refuse to give in to fall. Good for them I say, fall may be pretty but winter is my nemesis. I hate to admit it, but I tend to turn into a lazy couch potato when the days get short. I’m still looking for the answer to the age old question. Why do we change the clocks? Are we not confused enough?Do we really need this ancient practice? I vote no, I say leave my sleeping pattern alone and let time do its thing, without our meddling. Now with Octobers arrival I can say goodbye to a lot of things. I can say goodbye to mister spider. I’ve really not enjoyed all those webs I ate as I ran down the wooded trails or the little dance I had to do to be sure the spider wasn’t in my hair. Oh and goodbye to the countless gnats that committed suicide by plunging deep into my eye, I’ve shed enough tears for you. Goodbye ants and your evil mounds, the scars on my ankles will remind me of you all thru winter I’m sure. Last but not least, so long humidity you brought me the most pain. When I mowed the lawn, you were there to bring me to my knees. When I sat outside you turned my clothes to a sponge and took my hair back to the 80’s when big was in. I know I’ll wish for it all back come February but for now I’m going to enjoy the pleasure of sleeping with the windows open and wearing a sweat shirt.


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