Chick a doodle do

The chickens are growing like crazy. It’s a lot of fun to watch them change, they are growing pretty tail feathers now and you can tell how colorful they’ll be as adults by their wing feathers. We wanted to see what they’d do with live food so Justin and I went out into the yard and rounded up some grasshoppers. What a riot we started, they knew instantly what to do with those huge jumping bugs. They ran from one end of their enclosure to the next chasing each other for the prize, pulling and tugging at grasshopper legs, it was like one big game of keep away. They had a great lunch and we laughed and laughed.

 Now they need a little more room so Bruce is building them their palace. I can’t wait to be able to see them outside enjoying some freedom. I know the dangers of the great wide open and one of them showed up near the chicken coop area just to say hello. I have farm dogs and they found it first. They barked and barked so I knew something was up. The dogs have a different type of bark when they find something cool but are afraid of it. I think they’re saying Look! Look! I got something but I need back up! I don’t like to kill things if I can help it. Live and let live is my mantra, but……

As you can see, Justin is 5’8” and the snake is almost his size. I know its only a black snake, harmless to humans but deadly for those chicks. I decided he had to go. It was a hard choice for me because it was a beautiful creature. Black and shiny scales, basking in the sun, it had a full belly so at least I can look on the bright side and know it was happy and content right before I bashed the life out of him with my shovel. The dogs loved it! They did a happy dance around me as I gave them their prize. Sticky and Gooey spent over 2 hours pulling it around the yard pretending they had just killed it themselves.

   I finished the sign even with all the distractions.




  1. mom/joan reid said,

    September 25, 2006 at 9:12 pm

    Hi, what fun !! One way to keep me from visiting is showing that snake. I’ll be brave but also very cautious, Oh My. Your chicks look adorable and their home is interesting, looks like a very big out house, sorry Bruce, I know it’s not shown with finishing touches. The sign is great and make it an intriguing entrance. All is well with us up here in Ohio. Can’t remember if I wrote that Felicie’s Peace Corps funding is complete and can get started. Bet she is excited about that. Loki has survived her surgery, can’t remember if I wrote about that either, it has been a confusing week. In short she ate, or tried to, an acorn and a small pine cone. Nuff said. It is fall up here and it is getting prettier each day. Have fun and keep safe all you Dragonflies. Love Mom and Dad too.

  2. Quinn Reid said,

    September 26, 2006 at 9:07 pm

    very nice snake, and you got some cute chicks down there in the south!

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