Flying the friendly south

   Another weekend come and gone. We got a lot done and I got to go Saturday and do a little flying. It’s funny how you can meet the nicest people on the phone. I needed a place to fly and practice my take offs and landing, so I called the local airport. Now remember were in the south so you know there’s going to be a lot of talking and friendly chit, chat and that can lead to… I gots a cousin who got a friend and his neighbors gots a field that he uses to fly them ultralights from, you should talk to him. I think it’s where route 321 and 322 meet, just ask the guys at the gas station they’ll tell you where it is. It was sure nice of him to help me out and if you could have heard how the whole conversation went you would have enjoyed the twists and turns it took. I now know his wifes medical history, his cousin war record and how to get to parts of South Carolina that I’ll never go to. All in all it did help Bruce find the alleged field where that guy flys those crazy homebuilt things. I laugh cause Bruce drove in circles and he did ask at the gas station and ended up being led to the field by a guy in a tractor. The wife of the alleged ultra light pilot was again very friendly and talked Bruce’s ear off for and hour and he now also has more information than he really needed about chiggers, gardening and the relative down the road that gives everyone that flys over her house the finger. Eventually Bruce met up with the man who turned out to be great. Very nice guy, of course with equal amounts of stories and information. He took Bruce up in his little plane and talked some more. I went Saturday to fly and meet this nice guy named Ed. I got to fly on one of the nicest, calm, and beautiful evenings we’ve had in a long time. I could see forever; the cows grazing didn’t even care I was right over their heads. After my little flying we sat around Ed’s collection of 4 or 5 half built planes, had a beer with Ed and learned that this 65 year old has lots of tales to tell. He’s full of great information. I’m glad we got to know him he says were welcome to use his field anytime we want. I wish I had brought my camera but in the rush to get there I forgot it.

Sorry no pictures of Ed, I hate leaving you all with nothing to look at so here a little beauty I found hanging around.



  1. mom/joan reid said,

    September 18, 2006 at 10:20 am

    Hi, it’s Mom from up North where we know little about things outside our ca coon. We love your stories and adventures. Congrats on the Peepers, we know nothing about them either, at least first hand… We found the local people in Maine much the same as you are finding the local folks of the South. It is wonderful that the world still has people that are not fired up with getting to the top of the mountain and able to enjoy the fruits of the earth….
    We had an interesting and expensive week. Loki was put under the knife 2 hours after we took her to the Vet. He had the time so why not? He slit her open, removed the stomach, cleaned it, slit a section of her small intestine to remove something, all to the tune of over $l.100. She was one sick little dog going in and not so good coming home but she is getting back to normal little bits at a time. The culprits were a small pine cone in her stomach and a whole acorn lodged in the small intestine. The Vet was new to us and it was worrisome as he kept saying “I think”. Now we have the problem of our property with small and illusive pine cones and a multitude of acorn. So far she is not interested in scarfing anything up, but she is still recovering. Do dogs remember? I know she only ate one bar of soap when a puppy and she has never showed interest again. We can only hope and keep alert…..This week at work I pushed a Garlic Spread on Tuscany bread. I sold it all out, it’s fun. However, reading the ingredients about made me ill, got to take salespeople with a grain of salt….Classes still going on. The Music Appreciation is great, the Anthropology teacher should be studied, his bones are very old, poor guy wants to keep active, poor students are not getting a fair shake, we just shake our heads and wonder why we sit there.
    Well enough of our little realm of the world…Take care in flight, sounds very uplifting. Until the next chapter on your life on the farm in the South.
    Love ya all, Mom

  2. thereidss said,

    September 19, 2006 at 2:47 pm

    Poor Loki 😦

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