Sun, Sand and Sitting

We had a nice relaxing weekend at the beach, We left all the chores behind and of course they were still here when we got back. Edisto State Park is where we ended up. The whale got to see the water right from its parked spot. I’m sure it had a little smile on its face. We walked the shore and you can see in our pictures there were only a few people around. The dogs had a blast they got to chase crabs, swim and dig in the sand. The ride down is so pretty! The park is close to Charleston, SC. We didn’t have time to visit Charleston but the huge old trees full of Spanish moss are all along the drive. They just scream the old south to me, it’s a great sight. Well I guess now it’s back to reality for us, work and school.

     I have all my supplies ready and waiting for the new baby chicks, can’t wait to show you all how cute they are. It’s not all happy, cute, warm and fuzzy moments, I’ve had nightmares about them. First of all 26 is a ridiculous amount. I don’t really want that many, but it was the minimum order. I figured some will die along the way so its not all bad. My nightmare consists of 26 chickens half of which may end up being roosters, multiplying out of control. I figure I’ll give the neighbor some to replace the ones Duffus attacked,(yes he killed their rooster and hauled off one of their other chickens but that’s another story). In my nightmare the neighbor didn’t accept my gift nor did any die as chicks. The nightmare also had them able to avoid fox and coyotes as well as my repeated attempts at running them over with the car. I’m sure it’ll all work out either way, besides aren’t those cows on TV telling me to eat more chicken?



  1. Quinn Reid said,

    September 13, 2006 at 2:20 am

    hey! it’s Quinn-again and the beach sounds like a great place to be right now.. My dorm room is wind cooled.. and by wind cooled, i mean it’s freaking hot. The wind blows on the opposite side of the building, so really it’s just me panting for some relief.. taking a nap and then waking up with a dizzy head sucks. Goodluck with all the chickens, they may be annoying but I’m not even allowed to keep a turtle here..

  2. mom/joan reid said,

    September 13, 2006 at 11:26 am

    Congratulations on the impending arrival of your chickens. Did Duffas really kill and make off with your neighbors birds or was that part of your nightmare? Your week end sounded very relaxing and a needed repass for all of you.
    We just came home from school and visiting Loki in the doggie hospital. She consumed an Acorn that was “bigger than her eyes”. thus nothing went thru her system including the Acorn. Some odd object in her stomach had been causing a problem too for quite a while, I am sure she will appreciate its removal too. Both items are in a little baggie and she is hooked up to an IV after surger. her lecture will have to wait. Now we are trying to figure out how to avoid a repeat performance. Poor Loki, poor us, poor pocketbook. She will come home tomorrw, the Dr. “thinks”.
    Love your photos taken with good humor as well as the beauty that surrounds you at the time. Have a great fall season. Love Mom Reid
    …..Hi Quinn…..

  3. Quinn Reid said,

    September 19, 2006 at 2:11 pm

    Hi G-Mom Reid!

    =[ could you give Loki a pat on the head for me? poor doggie

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