The Chickens

Chickens were my secret. It’s like one those secret desires you have all your life but you don’t talk about it. Silly thing, I know, but chickens and roosters remind me of being a little kid. When I was growing up in South America I had the city Grandma and the country Grandma. The city Grandma had an addiction for chocolate. I got to eat it with her every time we were together that was her true passion. I think of her every time I eat a piece. The country grandma had chickens and roosters, I remember them. I remember bits and pieces of something wonderful, all bundled up in those moments with grandma. her chickens. It’s just little pieces of my childhood memories and this one has just followed me. Out of all the jumbled up impressions from my past chickens stuck. I know it’s a silly thing but then again I’m older now and I can be silly and not care.

The chicken is a strange bird, it seems simple enough you put up a fence buy some feed throw in a chick and tadaaa instant free eggs. Nooooooo there are chickens for eating, there are chickens for laying eggs, there are ornamental chickens and on and on….. Who knew there was so many choices. The internet has helped me a bunch, now I know a lot more about chickens. Did you know that there’s a breed of chickens that lay green eggs? I’m going to try a few different types of chickens. The first attempt will be the funny looking chickens with the silly feathers over their eyes. They look like they’re wearing wigs and they make me laugh when I look at them. Chicks are real cheap a $1.00-$3.00 depending on the type. I’ll keep you updated as to the status of the coop and it’s inhabitants as they arrive. The estimated arrival day is 9/13, I’m really excited to get the babies they ship them the day they hatch. I find it funny that I can go to the post office and they’ll hand me a box of live chirping animals.

We decided since the new babies can’t be left alone for the next 4 weeks, it was time to take the old whale for a swim before they arrive. ROAD TRIP………We’re heading for a weekend at the beach, a little fun in the sun, no tractor, no digging, no work. That’s the perks of living in SC we’re closer to the beach only 3 hours away by whale. Bruce picked out a nice place I’ll show you the pictures when we get back. See ya Monday



  1. Sarah said,

    September 9, 2006 at 1:32 pm

    You thought Kansas had an “odor”? Wait till you get a few chickens together – (sniff) ahhh! Now THAT is odor. Be sure you don’t go barefoot in the chicken coop to gather eggs – I’ve done that (while in Kansas) – that is truly where the odor comes from.
    We sure miss you here! Come see us!

  2. Connecticut Daddy said,

    September 12, 2006 at 2:52 pm

    What’s going to be after the chickens?
    With all that much land, I’m suggesting an idea !
    Copy and paste the following link:


    Do you know that consumption of this meat is getting larger and larger because the properties of low fat, high proteins and good taste?
    Try it on ones of those Gourmet Restaurants !

    Beside, you won’t step on them …..

    See my next comment ——>

  3. Connecticut Daddy said,

    September 12, 2006 at 3:00 pm

    … and you can have eggs as you want.
    Here’s a recipe… hmmmm.. yummy… yummy !

    Ostrich egg

    Follow the photo stream for the whole thing.

    Aren’t they cute?

    Kisses and keep on rolling !!

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