We see dead people

Some of you might already know this story and some of you may be surprised by it.

Today I’m sitting here thinking about how much I want the rain, and how much I hate the rain. It’s the remnants of a tropical storm passing thru and as the rain falls down in sheets, the gloom makes me tired and lazy. You know what happens when your bored, and it’s quiet, I mean real quiet? I get thinking about stupid things, it started with a strange noise I heard. It’s probably nothing more than the wind but I thought I’d tell you all a ghost story just the same.

 When we lived at the lake house we knew we had a ghost. Laugh all you want but I’m sure he was there. The man that owned the house had killed himself in one of the bedrooms, with a shotgun to the head. You know us, that wasn’t enough to stop us from buying the house. The years went by and every now and then we’d think of him especially when anything weird happened. Ok now fast forward to the present. We buy this place in South Carolina, lovely property, out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing. We then decide to head up to visit my folks in Connecticut. We’re all excited to tell them about the place. We have pictures to show and it’s all just wonderful. My dad was curious about where the land was located. He looks up the map on the internet, and there it is. He then decides he wants to see it from a satellite view, so as to get a better picture, trees and all. Ok now here’s where it gets spooky. He then remembers the other map he had on the computer. There was a strange red mark on it. We compared the red mark to the location of the satellite image yup; its on our property. That mark sure looked like a cross, we look at the maps legend to see what it means. Lucky us, it’s a grave marker. I guess the name Martin Grave Rd should have clued us in on the fact that there was a grave somewhere. I think it’s all very weird. We have searched our land for the grave and I’ve found no head stone but I will say this. The land does have a strange pile of rocks near our shed. When I look at them I feel compelled to say “hello Martin”, every time I pass the pile.


I sure wish the sun would come out today:(


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