Bruce and his mighty tactor

Hey everyone

We’ve been busy, busy, busy. Bruce and his tractor are a team now.They finally got the driveway fixed up. We had been driving on mostly dirt and when it rained there was muddy shoes, muddy dog feet, and muddy messes. Now with this new layer of 42 tons of gravel, we have a little less mess, and it really helps. I’ll continue to have the muddy dog feet problems till the fields get reseeded, but I have a system for battling that so its ok. The soil here is that lovely orange clay, and as everyone in the Carolinas know, it sticks to everything. It stains everything to. I’m just glad the driveway is in and one more thing has been conquered.

We also got the work finished up on the carport. The poor thing had been moved to the side of the house when they graded and it was left there all crooked. After looking at it for months, its time had come. We decided to shove it around with the help of the tractor and the kids. That thing is made of thin metal but it weighs a ton. Now it stands proud and level with its redneck cinder blocks holding it up.

 For some reason if you buy a double wide cider blocks are always laying around on the property.They use them to set the house and level it but you know theres bound to be some left over. As a matter of fact theres all kinds of salvaged stuff around. I got a nice collection of used bricks too and if theres stuff laying around someone is bound to use it. The previous owners decided to use them to make this lovely path.I’ve gotten rid of alot of them but the grand entrance they made is still intact.

 Oh and I’ve got the steel portion of the double wide that makes up the truck hitch. It’s laying in the yard to, I guess I should be grateful they didn’t turn that into a shed or some other pitiful structure. HMMMMM I can use it as art!!! Ok I’ll have to get back to that at another time, now I got an idea for it. It’s to heavy to take to the dump and it’s in the way so art might be in it’s future. 


UUWW look if you tip it up it’s the letter A. The letter A, what luck. A…….hmmmm,  Adrianna…….. its a sign I’m sure of it hahahahahahaha


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  1. mom/joan reid said,

    August 29, 2006 at 12:21 pm

    Hi, it’s Mom again. Love the art work!!! We always get a laugh, Adreanna your sense of humor come through and we love it all. Your land is just one big adventure after another and keeps your lives interesting an amusing even though it is a lot of work for years to come…. Ralph still traveling. He discovered his job is listed as something misc. and service. It is not what he thought his job description to be, however he is enjoying it. He will have a meeting and get the scoop. Ariels been to band camp and is heavy into playing at football games and making new friends, that’s a good thing…. Keith’s big party to raise funds for the Peace Corps project went very well. Clem came to town for it, they all know how to have a party. Raised $4,000, that is not net but still a tidy sum. I helped for a week making picture boards to educated people on the lay of the land and baked lots of cookies for their food fare… The people that came were well healed and interested in Africa and the project. Keith left the day after to install a big job in St. Lewis, Clem the next day back to Calif wine country. He, Clem, has verbally accepted a new post in Miami which starts mid September. He looks great and loves his chosen field a working with the high level wines…. Chuck and I started college yesterday…Not really but kind of. It is with the over 60s program sponsored by the government. Us oldsters can audit courses of our choice free, no credits earned and if there is room in the classroom. We are going to class at 8 am every MWF at the University to audit Anthropology and then at 5:pm in the Metro college (in Boardman) to audit Music Appreciation. With my working part time (always different, but on FSS when there is something to demonstrate) keeps us busy. Last Sat. I tried to sell Donut Peaches. These were tiny squat peaches at .99cents each and a weird fruit from Chili at $4.99ea. Sold one weird fruit and 24 peaches. My big boss said at those prices I did a fantastic job. Next week I get to do Charmin Tissue, I laughed and said I refused to demonstrate that. It is fun and I get to meet all kinds of interesting people. That’s it in a nutshell. It was good to chat with Bruce a few days ago and get his slant on the “Farm” too. Have fun and keep the photos coming. Love ya all, MOM

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