More progress on the land

The tractor is just an incredible machine, it keeps us busy clearing and landscaping. I just thought I’d share a few key pieces of equipment we use here at the farm. The first is the bush hog, it’s a heavy duty mower that is pulled by the tractor. I love this thing, mainly because I like to just run stuff over. It can cut the weeds and small trees, so with me at the wheel everything is fair game. The bush hog has a nice 5 foot wide cut so it goes thru the field in no time at all. The other nice piece of equipment is the box blade it also is 5 feet wide. Bruce has been busy grading the driveway with this tool. It has these huge teeth like protrusions that dig into the packed clay and a box behind it that flattens the soil as he moves it along. This weekend he used it like a pro, I’m sorry to say the picture opportunities were great but I missed them. He was wearing a shirt on his head and the sweat was pouring off him, it was a sight.

Our knowledge of large equipment is still growing. I’m sure there’s a spreader and cultivator in our near future. For now we sometimes have to resort to our stand by equipment, we have 2 of those. They can do many tasks but sometimes it’s the effort to get them going that wears me out.

Here pictured is our hole digging machine, unfortunately it broke down an hour into the job. We tryed to get it up and running again but the heat made it impossible.


1 Comment

  1. hsczp9 said,

    August 27, 2006 at 12:46 pm

    oh the days of working outside…how i miss it so.

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