Get ur done

    Get ur done, was written on the nearby church sign. I’m sure it’s intended meaning was not what crossed my mind. The farm is getting it’s fair share done to it. Everyday a new project comes into our hands, and like a new baby, it’s fresh, exciting, and scary all at the same time. Creating a farm from scratch is not as easy as you might think. First there’s the planning. We have walked the land and so many ideas pop up, we’re really not farmers and laying the ground work for such a big project is a bit confusing. Here’s an example, Bruce built a great shed and it’s in what we think a great spot. I have plans to add to one side of the shed, a chicken coop with a large chicken run. After much research it turns out chickens like a lot of day light to lay eggs, so my great chicken coop spot is now, not so good. But where is a good spot for my chicken coop? Where is a good spot for the barn? The acres and acres of fencing? The garden? It’s not so easy when you start with a blank canvas and no farmer family. In the mean time, I watch my neighbor push dirt with her tractor, paint her barn and work from sun up to sun down with so much experience. Her daddy’s a farmer and I’m sure so are all her kin. I want to run over there and ask her what she thinks I should do, but a certain part of me wants us to figure it out on our own. We have been slowly taming our farm. The kids even help from time to time. This weekend was spent thinning the trees and burning brush. We got to get ready for the fall planting. Ok we really aren’t planting crops, but the grass seed planting is important for the runway.

    There are a lot things to get done. One of the things we have neglected is our entrance. We bought the place from a woman that was living in Atlanta, GA. And with no one around, someone had hung a no trespassing sign on the tree along our driveway. It was funny at first, so we ignored it. Alas the sign has to go, Erin the social butterfly of the family has made some friends and the sign is affecting her socially. I realized this when her friend came to pick her up to go to the movies. Her daddy called from the mailbox out by the road to let us know he was coming up. I guess the sign scared him. We don’t own a shotgun and we don’t even have a front porch to sit on, with the shotgun. The man was being cautious, guess those signs really do mean what they say around these parts. So today the sign is coming down. I’m going to replace it with the farms name. I’ll put a picture of the new sign as soon as I can get around to making it. I’m getting ur done as fast as I can!!!


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  1. mom/joan reid said,

    August 14, 2006 at 8:12 pm

    Great pictures! Is that bug friend or foe? Well you all certainly do not lack for something to think about and do. Sounds fun though and it will be quite an accomplishment when the Lamas, chicken and such join you. Sounds like Erin had no trouble getting acquainted. I am trying to tame our mere little woods so I can only be glad I do not have your land to make into a farm. How is the new dog getting along? I have been intending to call to chat but by the time it is dark and you will all be returning to the house I forget. So call sometime, however this blog does keep us updated pretty well. No news from anyone else that is earthshaking. Saturday I sold 86 packages of Giant Eagle Mashed Potatoes, there were only 12 packages left in the store when I checked out, guess that was a good day. I enjoyed it, something new to do and earn some vacation $s. Two destinations in mind: Nevada for Wayne’s graduation for a PHD and South Carolina to visit a Farm. Both are undetermined times of course but I’ll keep saving for both events to be ready when the time is right. Keep on trucking all youuns down thar. Love Ya All Mom, Dad says Hi too ( he is sitting next to me with hands on head and staring at the Chess Game on the computer. Bye now.

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