What if you lived at the end of a gravel road?

     At the end of a gravel road no one bothers you, there’s no traffic, and the quiet is endless. We have two dogs that have the freedom to do as they please. Our weenie dogs like to hunt, the hunt is usually for small rodents and large grass hoppers, they still think of themselves as ferocious killers. The other day the hunt was really on, their kingdom was trespassed upon by a stranger. They don’t take kindly to strangers especially the four legged kind. I was getting ready for work and it was dark but Bruce noticed a dog was chased off. There was a lot of barking and carrying on, but no harm was done and the trespasser was dealt with quickly. At the end of a gravel road it turns out is where you go if your lost or if someone just doesn’t need you anymore. I came home from work to find a new friend at our front door the same lost soul the weenies chased down that morning. The funniest looking thing, all skin and bones but with the happiest tail. How could you not feed such a soul. Well I fed it, I don’t care what Bruce says. In the morning it was still there and it’s still here with us now. I just talk to it and it stays outside enjoying his good fortune. Erin is all smiles, finally a big dog to hang out with, Bruce named it Dufus and it stuck. The poor dog has that down syndrome look on his face and as long as it lives outside we’ll get along just fine. I guess we needed a farm dog.




  1. mom/joan reid said,

    August 9, 2006 at 9:03 am

    Hi down there at the end of the gravel road. Dufas is cute, in need of some TLC which he seems to have found. Farm animal #1. Been curious about how things are going. School must have started this week, hope it was well received. We have an extended aviary in the back yard. Picked out a book on how to attract unusual birds to your yard. Chas needed another outlet besides Chess. Well to the bird store, $200.00 and we now sit with book in hand to identify our new arrivals. Yes a few strangers have arrived. Two little seniors sitting on the porch watching the birds…. Had my first day Saturday pitching Tostitos and Cheese dip. Passed out 250 samples in 5 hours. One poor gal got to demo Cat Litter, glad I did not get that one. It was fun, all kinds of people with baskets full of interesting stuff. Lots of partying going on. The Ralphs were over Sunday for roasted chicken, etc. Last Thursday I helped Catherine address envelopes for an invitation to their big party to raise funds for Felicies project in her home village (it is going to be a hard sell) Clem will be heading in mid September for the Miami area to work for the boos people he worked for in Brussels. …That’s about it in a nut shell. Love ya all and keep trucking, Mom

  2. Bri said,

    November 21, 2006 at 12:23 pm

    Awwwww how cute. As you can tell i definatly havent been on your wonderful site in such a long time. But i love coming on this site because it reminds me of how i want to live and be like when i get older.

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