Here we go

We moved in on a Saturday, by Sunday Bruce had made a hole in the wall. We had made ourselves a promise that we weren’t going to touch this house, no matter how ugly it is. The plan is for us to tolerate the ugliness, work on the land, and then build the dream house next door. It always starts innocently enough, first it was, we need to see if there are enough studs to hold the weight of the TV. He pops a hole in the wall, then he sticks his head in the hole. He’s amazed, uuwwwww look at all this wasted space, we could put a built in book shelf, blam another hole around the corner. Well look at us now with not 1 but 2 holes in the walls. I think we have some kind of allergy to ugly. We feel the need to scratch it away a little at a time. Ok this is it ,this is the only scratch were making. If he cuts any other holes, I’m sending him for therapy.


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  1. mom/joan reid said,

    July 31, 2006 at 9:05 am

    Very Funny! At least some time spent inside where I hope it is cooler. School starts shortly, a new adventure in culture awaits. The tractor etc. looks serious, be careful Bruce, but enjoy too… All is well up here in Ohio. So far Ralph has worked in Detroit nearly every day since he started. At least he comes home for the weekends…Quinn is home from China. He took the foot with him, it showed up in their groups photo with a cute girl in the front row. Must run in the family to be a little nuts… The heat wave has reached Ohio, 91 degrees and at least that in humidity, ugh!!!… I have my first day Saturday with a part time job hawking foods at Giant Eagle for a company called One to One Demonstrations. It is mostly week-end work and a seasonal and holiday loads. It will be fun for me, time will tell how Charles enjoys being alone more than he is used to. Have a great August, can’t believe it is August already…. Love Ya all, Mom

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