This weekend is the official, official moving day. We’ve been moving slowly, alittle at a time. Most of our things go to a storage building we rent. The things deemed suitable for our little space, get moved in by our team of strong kids. They ask us every time we move, “why can’t we be normal?”, why don’t we use a truck and big brawny moving men?Normal? Who really is normal, certainly not a Reid. I work in a hospital where people see my name on my ID badge everyday. I get asked all to often if I’m related to those crazy Reids in Statesville or in Harmony or in Cool Springs. Now, I don’t know any of those Reids. I always give the same answer, all Reids are crazy, I’m just related to the western line of Reids, they have their own flavor of crazy.

   Our last move was done in an open trailer with most things strapped down with bungie cords, and out in the open for all the world to see. There was hillbilly written all over our faces as we drove thru town, but after 10 trips we got it done. We have evolved since then and our knuckles don’t drag on the ground as much. We now own an enclosed trailer, yup were living the high life. The kids still have to lift heavy boxes, but Bruce was nice enough to buy a hand truck. Now Justin doesn’t have to lift the washer and dryer with him like last move. We still have to make a few trips to get everything down there but it’s best that way. I can place the stuff and unpack every load before the next one gets in the way.


   I’m so excited about the move.Living in a rental house is not our thing. We like to change things and build things, just using this place to live in is not our thing. I look foward to getting dirty and sweaty again. The plans for the new place has us motivated. When we go to the house, we watch our neighbor and her incredible garden. I envy those long rows of corn and the chickens running on her property.She has beautiful land, a barn full of critters, and flowers galore. Then I come back here to the rental house to sit, dream and think……

 Bruce trembles everytime I say I got an idea.    



  1. mom/joan reid said,

    July 19, 2006 at 1:15 pm

    Hi way down there on the farm. Sounds like all is going well and the real fun soon to begin. We are hot up here in Ohio but not as hot as you guys so we can’t complain. Have a good week or two you school going Reids, that’s a fun time too, making new friend and figuring out the new teachers. We are fine up here, everyone is busy. Bye now, Mom

  2. "I told you so" Daddy said,

    July 20, 2006 at 11:21 am

    “Bruce trembles everytime I say I got an idea.”
    Just Bruce? he he ! Don’t tell me !!!
    Well, after long time, we’re here again and catching up with your crazyness. Everything is well now.

    About this Japanese vine… ha ha …. I have one in the back and it’s my nemesis for the last 6 years… grrrr…. can’t kill this sucker. It grows from the roots straight up and the roots can travel long distance right under the surface of the grass…. now, I still killing new grows about 50 feet from the original mother plant…
    If you find a way, please, spread the word.
    I was thinking last week to spray all those trees and plants with gasoline and light up a match…. what do you think?

    OK, good luck with the move and…. I have an idea too !!!
    With so much land… I’ll tell you what it is next time…. and you can make money too !!

    Enjoy the match box


  3. Quinn said,

    July 21, 2006 at 8:11 am

    as to the western reids comment…

    There are alot of Reids around here that I have never met O_o

    btw, if you visit china, 3/4 of the bus drivers are “Master Wong”

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