The Farm/Ranch

The trip is now over, and we have to get to the business of life. That means moving, we have stuff scattered all over, but now the time has come to get it together and put it in the new house. The new house is the size of a cracker box so half goes to storage and half into the house. We are so excited to move there and besides how hard can living in a cracker box be? We survived a month in a whale, a box should be easy.

 The first weekend back we went to see the house. We were dying to know if our newly seeded airstrip actually grew any grass. We found the house was still there and YES there was grass. Bruce wanted a lush green field a foot high so he was disappointed with the pitiful one inch of patchy growth. I don’t care, I see green and I’m happy. He looked across our green (read “brown”) field and fixed his hawk like eyes past the pretty imaginery grass, past the lovely flowers and wild bunnies and on the patches of very real kudzu growing; grown over 4′ compared to the 1″ grass sprigs sparcer than the hairs on his now balding head. For those of you not from the south, kudzu is a horrible plague. It was brought here from Japan, I believe. Kudzu was going to be the great erosion controling vine. Well what they didn’t know is that in Japan they have this lovely beetle that keeps the kudzu in check. We here in the south have no beetle so kudzu just grows and grows. It grows 20′ a day, it eats trees, fences, anything in its way. We refur to it as the vine that ate the south and it’s very hard to get rid of. Bruce hates it, we all hate it, so it must be killed. I can see this is going to be an epic battle and knowing Bruce theres going to be alot of swearing.

 Heres an example.

  We plan to tame this wild piece of South Carolina. Hmmmm but how you may ask. With John of course, he’s been around forever, he’s a hard worker, he’s driven and he’s very large. I think he’ll fit in just fine at the ranch/farm. The kids like him already and they’ve only seen his picture. Bruce is a little leary of him, I guess its because he’s new and so big. But I love him, and he’s going to save me so much time with the yard work. If you come over to the ranch for a visit, I might let you use him just for the fun of it. Your new to the place and so I’ll have to ask that you call him by his full name to give him the proper respect. To us it’s little John, for you visitors it’s Mr Deere , John Deere. Our very first tractor. Green and shiny with a loader in the front to pick up stuff. I’m sure Bruce will play with him everyday.I’ll post his picture when he arrives.


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  1. mom/joan reid said,

    July 12, 2006 at 9:25 pm

    The fun begins, how long will John be a beautiful shinny green, that’s a question. Sounds like John will keep trim with all his exercise. Would a goat or two be of any help? Glad to see your going to keep the blog up, I look for it every day. I have a hunch the younger generation will be happy to go to school and get relief from the road gang duty (just joking) … I am close to being done with our wee easy maintenance properties spring clean up. I have been over three months crawling around pulling oak trees by the hundreds, plus other free growing things. However I love it and we are about to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Bruce we removed the arbor and have decided not to put another one up, a couple of benches will take it’s place. Have fun and try to keep cool. Love Mom

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