Lets Recap


   What have we learned from all this?

The list is endless and if I were more articulate you’d all have learned even more. I hoped that since pictures are worth a thousand words you all understand what I could not say. I can say that if you put 4 people in the belly of a whale anything can happen. We argued, we laughed, but mostly we saw things.

   In the deserts we saw enough road kill to feed Ethiopia. Mostly jack rabbits! Hasenpfeffer anyone? For one stretch of road we counted the number of whole rabbits (at least recognizable parts) and oily splats that used to be a rabbit on the scenic route out of Bryce Canyon. It was only a short distance before we ran out of fingers and toes for counting so we stopped at 20, and we had gone about a quarter mile. Unbelievable!  we didn’t even count the one that impaled itself on our tow dolly ratchet. In Yellowstone we didn’t see that much, even when accounting for “total mass” I say the desolate stretches of the South West were the worst. So many crows dinning along the road, but strangely few vultures? In Yellow stone they posted the number of dead animal and the cost of property damage for the last year. But no such concern for the jack rabbit- or the insects of Kansas. One night in Kansas, as we were outrunning an enormous storm that had been following us from Denver, we thought it had finally caught up to us! But no, it was the splat of bugs on the window, kind of a bonk-splat-dink dink kadink sound, yah know, like a cool rain on a tin roof on a hot summer night…it almost put me to sleep. The wildness of all the areas we visited was what made it the most fun. It’s great to know you can still really lose yourself in the west. We saw many people cycling their way east, full packs loaded on the bikes. We even got mooned by a whole cycling team on our way thru Wyoming we laughed about that for a long time.  

   But really what have we learned?

I asked the kids this and in their infinite wisdom they said “we didn’t learn nothing.” I have over a thousand pictures, so if one is worth a thousand words then I have several stories I could write, but they learned nothing.

Here’s what I learned;

  1. If you’re going down the road and you yell “look!” you better say which direction the exact longitude and latitude along with detailed information about what surrounds the object or you’ll get yelled at by everyone that didn’t see the object.

 2. When you use the bathroom always announce it to the whole group. (We don’t have a lock  for the door).

3. The dogs never pee or poo on command and they definitely only poo at the worst possible time when you walk them.

4. Bruce can not sing!

5. Don’t talk to the kids till at least 11am

6. Bears are rare but mountain lions are even more rare.

7. Kansas has a real bad smell.

8. Every RV park is different and some smell like Kansas    

9. The mountains are fabulous but the lack of oxygen makes you see them and feel

     them, and in the south west the creek beds are there just as a tease for the locals.

10. The trip is never long enough but the ride home takes for ever!!


I loved the trip, there’s not much I would change. The weather was incredible it rained only 1 evening. We never paid more than 2.95 a gallon for gas the whole trip. The Whale survived without any damage. Which is good cause Erin said she’s borrowing it so that her and two friends can do the trip again after high school. (Ok I don’t even want to think about that now) We made it back in one piece, but don’t ask me what my favorite part was because I can’t tell you. I have so many favorites. The kids saw things from a different perspective so their stories differ from mine. They said they had fun, and hopefully they learned something along the way.

   We want to thank everyone that followed our trip.We read all your comments along the way and it was nice hearing from everyone.  We wish you could have been with us but then again we only had 1 bathroom. So instead, go on, go see it for yourself. I’m sure you’d see things a little different. Maybe you’ll see that stinkin bear everyone said was out there. You don’t have to have a whale to go and see it, sometimes a guppy will do just fine.





  1. mom/joan reid said,

    July 7, 2006 at 5:59 pm

    Hi! May I assume you are home? What a fantastic trip and thanks for all the memories your Blog afforded us. The photo of the root and the waving hands is adorable. Was that taken in Estes Park near the Lilly pond lake” It looks like an image I took the last time we were there, mine had no hands. Your photos are wonderful, love the arch and the storm clouds. Still more time in July to have fun, moving can be fun. We will talk soon to say Happy Birthday to Bruce. Love Mom

  2. Sarah said,

    July 7, 2006 at 7:50 pm

    Great blog. For the record…Kansas DOES NOT SMELL! I am from there and I can tell you it is the wildlife and grain (sour). It smells like home to me. Anyway, loved your trip right along with you! Can’t wait to see the pictures! St. Louie is a great town. I am glad you had a great time there. Next time try to catch a Cards game – you won’t regret it – even if you don’t like baseball. So what will you guys ever do that will top this? Welcome home!

  3. Briana said,

    July 12, 2006 at 6:01 pm

    Well Im pretty speachless. It seemed like loads of fun and one of these days Ill get my mom off her lazy three letter word and go out on that trip, by the time we can go ill be the one driving anyway. well I hope you guys had loads of fun, and from what i read, you definatly did. Sorry for buggin you guys about going, but of coarse who can resist something that sounds that much fun. I think I learned plenty just by reading it. And turns out, Im not speachless after all. Well now you guys need to update on the house and when you letting people in to see Dragonfly ranch. haha. Good luck.

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