We headed back to Yellowstone our itinerary is now in the trash and we’re winging it. We’ve made new plans, we wanted to get a better look at Yellowstone, and the place is huge. We’ve seen a lot of animals and our list keeps growing; pronghorn, buffalo, bald eagle, ground squirrels, hawks, lizards, woodchucks, jack rabbits, some snowshoe kind of rabbit (huge feet), mountain goats, osprey, moose, elk, deer, trout. AND THE BIGGIE GRIZZLY!!!!! Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking they did it; they saw the elusive wild grizzly bear after days and days of searching? Well sort of….. The 3 grizzly bears were incredible, huge, their coats shining in the sun with a golden brown hue. Their size was even more impressive and as close as we were I could see how with one swipe we’d be dead. We weren’t scared even with 3 of them in front of us we knew we could run faster than the other tourists; I was counting on the lady with the baby stroller to get it first. People were pointing and just standing there talking. Then there was a sudden noise to the left of us the bears stand up and rush forward. The gate opens and it’s feeding time at the preserve. We had to cheat a bit, everyone else we spoke with had seen bear. Remember the cyclist going cross country earlier in the week? He told us to go to the west entrance of Yellowstone to see the Bear and Wolf Preserve. This is where they put problem bears, the trouble makers that can’t seem to stay away from people. Here they live out their lives and help educate the public. It’s a very informative place they teach you the history of bear in Yellowstone and in the rest of the U.S. We learned a lot and saw a wolf as a bonus. So there you have it, the mighty grizzly has been found. Truth be told this was probably the closest we’d ever get to a grizzly without peeing our pants.

     Next stop Colorado, no it wasn’t in our plans but then again neither was
Thermapolis, Wyoming where I’m at now. At least the kids got to swim in a mineral hot spring. I chickened out, hot water with weird fuzzy green stuff in it freaks me out.

See ya…


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  1. mom/joan reid said,

    June 28, 2006 at 5:32 pm

    Wow what a marvelous journey you have all made. Your comments about Wayne going off trails made us smile. As a kid he was always off the trails, we never knew when he would pop up like an Indian to scare us and then be off running a muck again. I remember those guizers that bubbled and produced remarkable colors. We stayed in a cabin while in Yellowstone and got to see a bear, not a grizzly, up front and personal as it came into our cabin looking for dinner. On our way home from that trip we had car trouble and had to stay in a wee town for three days waiting for parts. That town had one bar/restaurant, one filling station, one dumpy motel and the biggest horseflies that bit at will. There was a marker of some sort out of town to inspect, no radio and of course no TV and we lived to tell about it. By chance will you be close to Estes Park? Colorado Springs has a wonderful zoo, the Air Force Academy, Indian Caves in the red rocks and water falls. A great place to enjoy many things. We took a trip to the zoo every summer with our little ones. We spent our honeymoon at the Broadmore. I had relatives there once upon a time. Sorry but your journey is bringing back many memories for me. Thirteen day to go and your heading South. News has shown forest fires in Reno and Carson City. Today people were allowed back in the area. Nice homecoming for the fellows huh!! Fires kept tourists out of the Grand Canyon this week too, you have been very lucky. Can’t wait for your next post, Love Mom

  2. Briana said,

    July 12, 2006 at 5:17 pm

    Thats really cool, grizzlys are very pretty and I wonder how hot the water was? At least theres one picture an animal.

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