We hung out with Wayne, Quinn, and Quade for a few days here in the Tetons/Yellowstone area. The first day we went hiking for miles and miles in search of the elusive grizzly. Seems everyone sees bear but us. Another person told us a grizzly was spotted eating a fawn at their campsite. I have personally witnessed parents wanting to kill they’re kids at our campsite but that’s as close as our site has come to animals. Determined to commune with nature we boarded a small pontoon boat to the base of the mountains.  We hiked deeper into the wilderness past the grandmas and small kids. We even managed to get to a point where we touched snow and had a snowball fight. Still no ravenous killer bears for the kids to see. We hiked even further;
Wayne likes to go off the trails, over large stones and climbing rock walls. We followed when we were brave enough but when he crossed a raging river over a log we only watched. After several hours we stopped at the edge of a pond. The time had come for the important decision, turn back so that we could catch the last boat or continue into the mountains on our quest. Of course you know what we did, we’re not stupid and with 7 of us and only 1 bag of trail mix the boat was the only choice. When we stopped going deeper into the woods, I took a last look with my binoculars across the pond…… and there in all his glory was… I want to say a grizzly, but no it was the most beautiful moose laying there in the shade, watching us as he was chewing on some weeds. It was a big male; antlers and all. It was the perfect end to the hike. Of course the kids wanted the flesh ripping killer animal but maybe another time. So it was back down the mountain as a raced developed when we took separate routes! I’ve got great pictures but a really slow connection so pictures will follow in a few days when we change locations.




  1. Quinn said,

    June 26, 2006 at 9:34 pm

    i could have sworn we were looking for a mountain lion…

  2. Bri said,

    June 26, 2006 at 11:52 pm

    Flesh eating little children. ( i cant really talk about little right now) Well, i think that would be amazing to see and id love to see pictures. Hope to see them soon.

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