Wyoming!! wild land,wild animals



 We hit the road early; the plan is to drive as close to the Grand Tetons as we have the energy for. We’re meeting up with Wayne and his sons for the weekend. We should be able to get into lots of messes with them. While we travel it gets me thinking. The United States is really a great place. Every campsite we’ve stopped at has been full of friendly people. They’ve given us advice on trails to hike, places to visit, roads to explore and some have shared a little bit of their lives with us.  Our large burly Harley riding campsite neighbor gave us great advice for our Yellowstone stop. He didn’t try to rob us or slice our throats. Never once have we been afraid. People always warn you that in this age things are different , scarier… dangerous.  I say no,  I say go turn off your news program. That brain washing, never ending broadcast of   horror and destruction; it’s nothing but a spirit sucking devise, designed to scare you into your homes.     We’ve seen some beautiful stuff here and our computer nerd son who I never would have imagined had a soft side was out photographing flowers, yes FLOWERS I tell you.  So he really can see beyond the techno, pixel life that is his cocoon. I hope that in the days to come he can make the next big leap and move on to enjoying his sisters company,  hahahahahaha…..  I must be getting delirious riding in the RV. This whale isn’t magic and the pixie dust is all used up so I’ll have to hope for the best. 


   We’ve made it to The Tetons; it’s so incredible and wild. On our drive here a scared moose ran along side the road near our RV, her long legs making huge strides what a sight. We would have taken a picture but it all happened to fast. TheTetons peaks are enormous, they look so snowy and close but we know they’re 12000 ft. high. We’ll eventually get around to hiking up a bit, for now were not sure what were going to do while were here. We have a white water rafting trip booked for Sunday, were going on an 8 man raft down the Snake River with Wayne, Quinn and Quade. It drops us off at Jackson Hole, maybe they can be talked into a little civilization time, (also known as)  shopping. It’s a great tourist town set up like the old west with side walks all done in wood so you hear yourself walking. If we had spurs it would really feel like the west. Of course the Wild West didn’t have shopping like this or the ski slopes over looking the place. I can’t help but mention the wild life again; it’s an important part of this place. The (Danger Bear Present in Area) signs are enough to make you think. I was talking to a gentleman that is biking across the country; Washington to Virginia .He told us that this morning while he rode thru his campsite a grizzly was walking his way. He was happy to have been on a bike to pedal away. Later we walked to the visitor’s center to find Bruce some good fly fishing spots. The ranger pointed them out along with letting us know that a grizzly with 3 cubs was also in the area. I’m starting to think the bears run the place. Our dogs are having a blast. The campsite is riddled with ground squirrel holes. The weenie dogs are meant to go in holes and kill rodents, so our campsite is now riddled with huge dog holes instead. The dogs are covered in dirt and there are ground squirrels all around us sitting on logs squeaking at them. We’re camped in between the Teton National Forest and Yellowstone; it just doesn’t get any wilder. I have to admit that thou the desert is beautiful, I’m not missing the high temps. I’d love to go back again someday in the spring or fall. Right now the temps are in the mid 70’s clear skies and a nice cold 40 degrees at night. I’m grateful for our heater and I’d hug it if I could. I see on the news our lovely N.C. is getting hit with high humid 90’s I’m definitely not missing that. I’d move here in a heart beat if it weren’t for the nasty winter.


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  1. Bri said,

    June 26, 2006 at 11:44 pm

    Wow! Moose and grizzly bears, that sounds like soo much fun. Im surprised there arent any missing arms or legs yet. well hope you have lots of fun to come and that sounds like more fun than youve had yet.

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