Bryce Canyon and Zion

   We’ve been here in Utah a few days, and tomorrow were heading away from our luxury accommodations to the great unknown.  It’s been beautiful, a picture opportunity around every corner. I’m glad we use a digital camera; otherwise we’d be on our 30th roll of film. The hikes we’ve been on have been a bit extreme. We can’t help it, seems we all hate crowds, so we pick the trails that say strenuous; to ensure us that no people will be in the way. The Bryce canyon trail took 4 hours to do with a 1700 foot descent / assent but worth every step. The mileage is nothing compared to the climb. We got real sweaty and dusty from the trail and I also got hoarse, there were times I thought all I did was yell at
Erin for hours. She insisted on standing on the edge of death. I’d turn to see her leaning forward looking down a shear drop of hundreds of feet (if not a thousand) on the slippery gravel. Ok, it made for great pictures but if I don’t kill her, I’m sure she’ll find a way of doing it herself.



    National parks are great people watching spots. You see all kinds of people. The Asian tour groups are my favorite. they cluster together like one unit. Sort of like schooling fish being circled by predators, they cling to their guide and everything seems to amaze them. They make me laugh, the sounds of their chatter even has a familiar tone, (reminds me of all my Spanish relatives gathered together all talking at once while I’m straining to make sense of it all). The Asians are a tough group; even the old will tackle a steep trail wearing only sandals while clutching their souvenir bags. I think they’ll go anywhere; not only to get that perfect picture but they really seem to enjoy the beauty of the country. They crack me up. On one occasion they asked to take Justin’s picture. We don’t know why they wanted a picture of a skinny white boy, but that’s why they crack me up. They can see what’s funny and captured it on film.          



    Ok see ya in Wyoming………




  1. mom/joan reid said,

    June 20, 2006 at 2:17 pm

    Your pictures are all prize winners. I have judged photo contests and yours would all get top billing, the subjects, of course are fantastic alone. Adding the planning of placement and color set them apart from the typical snaps. Great job, I must say I am envious. What an adventure right here in the good ole USA and its just the tip of the ice berg. Now the Wild wild west, wonderful. Hi Ho Silver…Love Mom Reid

  2. Pattie said,

    June 21, 2006 at 5:36 pm

    Have you seen the coyote and roadrunner yet? Any wild life at the camp ground? I picture wolves or coyote’s running wild chasing after rabbits. Those rock formations look cool, do you know how they formed like that? Inquisitive minds want to know? Briana just keeps telling her friends that you left without her.

    The Grand Canyon is beautiful and huge. Looking down from a cliff is an unforgetable experience. Kids can give you a heart attack when they get close to the edge. I brought the kids there when they were 4 and 5 and they just kept running down the little hill which ended about 10 feet from a drop that had to be thousands of feet. There was only the walkway and a one foot high wall between life or death. And I remember there was a lady taking a picture of her husband and baby, while their 7 year old played on the wall. Even that gave me a heart attack.

    Well have fun and don’t let the kids kill themselves. Watch out for the rattle snakes.

  3. Rosana said,

    June 22, 2006 at 4:03 pm

    Hi guys,

    Wow.. it looks like you guys are having a real blast out there. I didn’t have time to check on it before, I was in Jamaica on a business trip first week in June and work has been crazy.. Thanks for sharing with us your fun vacation. I’ll make sure to keep checking the blogs.


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