Can you wait a minute; I got dust in my eye!!!


  Today was a strange and exciting thrill ride. We were supposed to go see the petroglyphs, but Bruce was out voted. We really just weren’t in the mood for ancient rock drawings no matter how interesting or educational. Our whale swims through the country erratically, we vote, we whine and we sometimes agree on our destinations. Today on a vote of 3 to 1 we turned the whale. Bruce at the helm grumbling and thinking us stupid, got on the highway and never saw the allusive petroglyphs (he got a brochure). We headed on to the Petrified Forest. Petrified wood rates higher than the petroglyphs any day in our thinking. Our logic confuses Bruce but we out number him.

   When is a highway not a highway? The answer is…… when the wind is blowing 60 miles an hour and it turns into a thrill ride. We were getting pummeled from side to side so fiercely it was hard to stay on the road, what a ride!!! Watching Bruce get gas in the wind with the desert sand spinning around him hurt my eyes. We could even see large dust storms ahead of us in the valley. Sooooo when is a route not just a route?…… WHEN IT’S ROUTE 66. We stumbled on to route 66, it was right there and how could we past up the chance to ride down a route so famous (at least a small part of it). The strange souvenir shops alone are worth it. Erin and I took the opportunity to do some shopping, that’ll teach Bruce to let me, drive. While he napped we found a great spot to spend money. The Indian Village supplied the whale with its fair allotment of katchina dolls, well; some might say a bit more than a sampling. This little outpost in the middle of no-were-land happened to be on the line of the Continental Divide where water flows; one side to the Atlantic and the other to the Pacific. The Petrified wood was interesting, huge logs turned to beautiful colored stone. We laughed because in the end Bruce got to see his beloved petroglyphs right there among the petrified forest. Next stop Flagstaff, Arizona and the Grand Canyon.



Grand Canyon

   We got to our campsite last night just after a huge wild fire had the area residents evacuated. Turns out the campground had been evacuated that afternoon. Fire crews had to do a back burn to stop the nearby forest fire. We arrived at the RV Park late at night so we had no idea what was going on. There was a news crew at the entrance to the park, and bright lights all set up, we sent out our intrepid captain to bring back news. Since the fire was under control and the camp ground was no longer in danger, we went ahead and set up. We slept that night with the cool mountain air and the sweet smells of burnt pines.   The next morning was beautiful. A nice clear day and the Grand Canyon temps were going to be in the 70s. The kids have never been on a train before, and what better way to get the feel of the Wild West, than with a ride on a steam train to the canyon. Being the mean parents that we are, we got tickets for the train built in the 1920s; no air conditioning, no cushy seats, hey at least the windows opened. The ride on the Grand Canyon Railway was well worth it. We were served drinks and entertained by roaming singing cowboys; they do a great job to keep you happy. The Grand Canyon was well…….umm GRAND!!!! No really it was breath taking; we have the pictures to prove it. We hiked, we saw, we got winded (high elevation). Then it was back to the train where on the trip home several masked cowboys attacked the train, and we were robbed at gun point. Sounds horrible, but we carry no valuables and it turns out they had no bullets. The sheriff on board was pretty useless, but they were chased off and we made it to the station just fine.



Next stop Bryce Canyon.


   The drive here to Bryce Canyon was very beautiful; the landscape kept changing from desert to mountains. We opted to stay at very nice resort/RV park. We got it all for the next 3 days. Horse back riding, ATV trails, hiking, there’s even a helicopter pad across the street that’ll take us up if we chose to see the canyon that way. The lazy kids drove to the lodge swimming pool which was indoors. Right now as I write I’m sitting in a Lodge with dead animals hanging on the walls. Oh and I’m sitting on a comfy leather couch I feel like I’m somehow cheating.




  1. mom/joan reid said,

    June 18, 2006 at 12:25 pm

    I love your trip, thanks Adrianna for setting up the Blog and keeping it alive. You all have seen a lot more than I did when traveling the same routs, you are more adventuresome than my dad was. He just wanted to look thru his binoculars, watch people, find the telephone company buildings that he was the architect for, and sketch. Three days of comfort and all the amenities, sounds like heaven. When we lived, Chas and I, in Clovis New Mexico in a wee little house (Chas was in the Air Force and based there) I would have to get the shovel to remove the sand that came thru the doors and windows after those sand storms. Glad the Whale is big enough to make it thru and with drivers that are strong enough to ride the tide. I have a ? On my Internet this morning, Sunday there was a message of no sort. The hint was it from Adrianna and travel but not subject, no message and sent to was blank. I did not open the envelope because it was just to strange. If you had a message that was important I did not get it, I think it was not valid. Well all of you, I can’t wait for your next chapter. By, Love, Mom Reid

  2. joey_g said,

    January 26, 2007 at 3:34 am

    beautiful online information center. greatest work… thanks

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