The Itinerary

The big trip has a lot of flexibility, we really aren't making reservations at any of these stops. We want to allow ourselves the opportunity to leave any location if it either bores us or has too many banjo playing men, if ya know what I mean. Bruce wanted to at least have a defined route. The kids had their input, Erin requested we start the trip with a visit to the worlds largest Aquarium in Altanta. Justin only wanted to have at least one amusement park stop. I wanted to do it all and never come back. Guess I'm not getting what I want cause the trip is only 4 weeks long.

Day 1: Get on the Road and stop at aquarium 

Day 2: Heading to Carlasbad Caverns New Mexico

Day 3: Arrive at Carlasbad Caverns 

Day 4: Half day at Caverns

Day 5: White Sands New Mexico

Day 6: Petroglyph National Monument

Day 7: Petrified Forest

Day 8: Flagstaf / Grand Canyon

Day 9: Glenn Canyon

Day 10: Zion National Park

Day 11: Brice Canyon National Park

Day 12: Grand Canyon North Rim

Day 13: Natural Bridge National Monument

Day 14: Mesa Verde

Day 15: Arches National Monument

Day 16: Head for the Tetons

Day 17: Tetons

Day 18: Tetons

Day 19: Tetons

Day 20: Tetons

Day 21: Yellowstone

Day 22: Yellowstone

Day 23: Yellowstone

Day 24: Mt Rushmore

Day 25: Wind cave

Day 26: Badlands

Day 27: Badlands

Day 28: Head for Sixflags

Day 29: Arrive Sixflags

Day 30 Head Home 😦

Day 31 Sleep





  1. Pattie said,

    May 22, 2006 at 10:54 pm

    It’s Flagstaff and Bryce Canyon. Make sure you take lots of pictures. Briana wants to see some animals.

  2. Briana said,

    June 5, 2006 at 2:52 pm

    That sounds like so much fun. Well, I guess I should get to work on begging my mom to take us on a trip like that. Ya I already see her excuses coming: You kids spend all my money, i didnt sell any cruises this month. haha. Well good luck. Make sure to post, whenever you go somewhere new, and take as many pictures as you can for me. See ya soon, I hope.

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